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$14 Trillion Spending Bill Includes a Win for Education

According to The United States Department of Education 2020, Spending Budget Summary, the fiscal 2020 spending bill President Donald Trump signed on December 20th that received bipartisan support will provide $72.8 billion in discretionary funding for the Education Department. Originally, the President was attempting to abolish 29 programs that are receiving 67 billion dollars in federal aid. Zero of the 29 programs he sought to cut were eliminated. This spending bill includes a $450 million increase for Title I spending on disadvantaged students, a $410 million increase for state special education grants, and will allow for additional funds to support programs that provide academic enrichment and educator training. In this post, we will cover the significance these USDE programs have in the field of education as well as our agency.

What This Means

Innovation and research being conducted through these programs have led to ground-breaking changes to the education realm. Over the past years, districts and agencies across the country have used these funds as seed money to jump-start life-changing work benefiting educators and students alike. In 2010, the Teacher Incentive Fund allowed our agency to work with local charter districts to implement performance-based compensation system and a researched-based evaluation system. Now, Texas has written performance-based compensation into law statewide this past legislative session, allowing teachers to gain an increase in pay based on their achievement in the classroom. This systemic change is an example of how these funds serve as an excellent resource for creating long-lasting change.

5 Year Progress

Over the past 25 years, YES, Inc. has been awarded $75 million in funds from the Education Department to create and implement programs that increase educator effectiveness and student achievement. The return on investment has been and continues to be substantial. Our work with our partner districts has resulted in increased effectiveness for educators, thus increasing student achievement and progress.

With these funds, YES, Inc. has developed an Educator Effectiveness Process, Human Capital Management System, and resources like the Educator Equity Pipeline. All leading to our mission to ensure students have effective educators in the classroom.

We are now looking toward a bright and healthy future as we continue to learn, grow and expand our work. Sustainability of the programs we have created and implemented is key as we look past the life of the funds provided through these funding opportunities from the USDE. As we sustain the work these funds have allowed us to innovate and implement progress with success, our next step is to iterate the work and expand our reach.

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