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34 Educational resources for teachers during COVID-19 distance learning.

COVID-19 has hit the U.S. and we are all feeling its effects. The lives of many have been uprooted due to this virus, and as a result people are trying to adapt however they can. One industry that has especially been disrupted is education. Teachers and students have been forced to switch to online learning so that they complete the school year without causing any further disruptions. With these changes often having to happen in a short time period, teachers are constantly looking for tools to make the best of online learning. This blog will provide 34 educational resources for teachers during COVID-19 distance learning.

It is no doubt that with schools switching so quickly from learning in the classroom to learning online there has been a disturbance in the education system. This drastic change is one that has the potential to make a mark in our history! This transition has become a test of the times not only for educators and students but also for so many families across the U.S.  As stated by Nate Davis the CEO of educational systems are “committed to doing their part to keep students on track academically.” Teachers everywhere understand that every moment for a student is the opportunity to learn. More than ever, online learning resources are needed for teachers to deliver effective instruction. Davis further states that is in a unique position to help with resources and solutions that will work best for families on an individual need’s basis. 


Online learning vs. Distance Learning

First off, let's look at the difference between Online learning and distance learning. Online learning is designed to be used in combination with a variety of other in-person teaching methods, it is most commonly understood as blended learning (See Blended Learning blog). It is a supplemental way of mixing things up in your classroom to provide a variety of learning opportunities for your students. Distance learning, however, is a method for delivering instruction solely online, not as a variation in your teaching style.

More than likely, the changes that are happening are occurring at a time when people are dealing with challenges of their own which makes the new reality of distance learning more difficult to implement. They are not only challenging teachers, administrators, district leaders, and students, they are impacting the entire family. So, how can the educational world make this dramatic change as smooth as possible in such a short period of time? As stated before, additional resources are becoming a vital aspect of classroom effectiveness during this time and climate. Luckily, there are many resources out there geared towards educators to help guide and assist them so that students can thrive while learning from a distance. Don't be mistaken, teaching online is a whole different ball game than teaching in person. Although many teachers have found themselves unprepared for this transition, here are a list of resources that can help educators deliver quality instruction during these unprecedented times:

  1. Free E-Learning Tools for Teachers in the Digital Classroom
  2. Free Resources for Schools & Educators
  3. 107 Free E-Learning Tools
  4. 8 Tips for Teaching Online During COVID-19
  5. Remote Learning: 6 Best Ways to Engage Your Students [from Teachers!]
  6. Educause’s COVID-19 Resources for Higher Education Institutions
  7. UNESCO’s Distant Learning Solutions
  8. Federal COVID-19 Resources for Education Institutions
  9. Colleges and Institutes Canada’s Free Resources to Help Faculty Affected By COVID-19
  10. Teach from Home: A temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis
  11. Free Online Resources for Student Engagement During COVID-19 Outbreak
  12. COVID-19: The Best Resources for Online Teaching During the Coronavirus
  13. Map: Coronavirus and School Closures
  14. Pandemic Flu Checklist: K-12 School Administrators
  15. Responding to Coronavirus: A Downloadable Guide for Schools
  16. Interim Guidance for Administrators of US K-12 Schools and Childcare Programs
  17. CDC’s Guidance for School Settings Before and During an Outbreak
  18. Explore distance learning resources for schools affected by COVID-19
  19. Support for teachers during the COVID-19 outbreak (webinars, online professional development)
  20. Learn at Home: How Prodigy Is Helping Students Learn During COVID-19
  21. 9 Things Educators Should Know About Coronavirus
  22. Fact Sheet: Impact of COVID-19 on Assessments and Accountability under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  23. Questions and Answers on Providing Services to Children with Disabilities During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Outbreak
  24. FERPA & Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions
  25. OCR Short Webinar on Online Education and Website Accessibility
  26. Fact Sheet: Addressing the Risk of COVID-19 in Schools While Protecting the Civil Rights of Students
  27. How to Use Zoom for Online Learning
  28. Learning Keeps Going’s Resource Directory: Support for Closed Schools from EdTech Providers
  29. 10 Strategies for Online Learning During a Coronavirus Outbreak
  30. Go on some of Discovery Education’s Virtual Field Trips
  31. Ocean School Educators Space: A free, innovative inquiry-based learning experience
  32. 107 Free E-Learning Tools for Teachers in the Digital Classroom
  33. 10 Resources to Keep Learning Going During the Coronavirus
  34. The New York Times’ Coronavirus Resources: Teaching, Learning and Thinking Critically
  35. Best Online Schools Of 2021 – The Ultimate Guide


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