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YES, Inc is continuing to celebrate Teacher Appreciation as we progress with the last blog post in the Educators Are Awesome series honoring educators for being heroes in this noble profession. Educators, we take off our hats because you have one of the most challenging jobs on this planet! Day in and day out, you shape young lives. We know that at times, it seems like a never-ending chore, making sure that your lessons are differentiated and that you always stay one step ahead of the latest teaching methods, and let’s not forget you taught through a pandemic for over an entire year without pre-preparation!  We know that you didn’t sign up to teach in a pandemic, and we know that you didn’t sign up to wear masks in class or to lead and teach virtually, but we do know that you are an American Hero! We know that re-inventing the wheel isn’t always the easiest thing to do, nor is it the highest amongst your many priorities. And we know that this summer can’t come quickly enough! However, we understand how important continuous learning is. After all, without constant knowledge, the world would remain stagnant so, we also know that sometimes even heroes need some help! 

Educators, you are the American Hero! Check out this video that shares why! 

Why is continuous learning Important? 

One of the things we have learned from the last year and a half is not taking educators and learning for granted and always learning. Now, more than ever, we need to reach for the stars and invest more in educational reform and technology advancements. When faced with unforeseen challenges, the ability of educators and students to continuously learn and grow will not be jeopardized. During the summer months, educators deserve downtime, as do the students that spent an entire year in the classroom. However, the lengthier break can lead to summer learning loss and gaps that put educators and students at risk for decreased performance and academic achievement in the beginning months of the next school year. For these reasons, among other reasons, educators must help prevent the summer learning loss. This week we are sharing a list of ten (10) free educational resources and learning opportunities for educators and students to visit during the summer months that will help you to stay up-to-date and in good practice!  



What is summer learning loss? 

As the school year ends, educators often lament the possible summer learning loss that students may experience over the summer months. Summer learning loss occurs when students do not practice or continue learning during the summer months and thus may not remember the full content of what they learned the previous school year. When this happens, and students return to the classroom to begin the next academic year, they are not ready. This means that educators must delay the learning of new content to refresh students. Without stopping, students are at risk of falling behind, and the educators do stop to review, they are at risk of not being on pace with their learning objectives. For this reason, it is vital to instill and hold values of lifelong learning to extend the learning process throughout a person’s lifetime. 

Educators and students alike must continue to learn to build on previous knowledge. We have an undying appreciation for the work and effort that goes into building our future. Educators are genuine heroes who deserve to take it easy during the summer. We wanted to make it easier for you and your students to learn all year round by providing a curated learning resource list to fuel curious minds.  

Below is a curated list of resources from that can help bridge the summer learning loss gap and extend learning to encompass an entire lifetime. We hope that you will be able to explore the many resources available at your fingertips. Happy Learning!

Check out these resources for lifelong learning:

  1. Brilliant – Build quantitative skills in math, science, and computer science with fun and challenging interactive explorations.
  2. Scribd – The world’s largest library of documents, ebooks, and audiobooks that you can access for a monthly free. The Netflix for ebooks.
  3. Quora – Get your most difficult questions answered and build a portfolio of your answers to questions that interest you most.
  4. Skillshare – A micro-learning platform quickly learning digital skills from passionate, creative professionals working in the digital economy.
  5. Khan Academy – A free K-12 online learning platform where you can learn from some of the most exciting and engaging teachers in the world.
  6. Notion – The most customizable note-taking tool for organizing your research, documenting ideas, and collaborating on creative projects.
  7. Brainly – Get real-time study help in the world’s largest study group.
  8. iNaturalist – Participate in the world’s largest citizen scientist project and document the plants, trees, mushrooms, and animals you discover.
  9. Google Arts & Culture – Visit the world’s top museums, zoom in with mind-blowing detail, and browse thousands of interactive virtual stories, photos, videos, and manuscripts.
  10. Pocket – Cloud-based storage for your bookmarks and web research by saving the most memorable content using keywords.

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