Submitted by Nichelle Harper on Wed, 04/29/2020 - 11:00
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Educator Effectiveness Process (EEP): How Yes, Inc. is impacting school districts!


We sat down with Larry Jenkins, Assistant Superintendent of Texas Serenity Academy Charter Schools, to find out how the Educator Effectiveness Process (EEP) has helped his district experience overall growth. 

His experience is a perfect example of how Yes, Inc. is impacting its partner districts, and helping them become more effective.


"It has taken our school districts to a whole other level that we otherwise would not have reached. Some of the areas in which we've seen the growth is our teacher retention rate. We are now averaging about 96-97% of our teachers since participating in the grant. Now in the most recent ratings we are one of the highest performing charter schools in the state of Texas."


Watch the video below to hear his awesome experience about the impact of our Educator Effectiveness Process!

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