Submitted by Nichelle Harper on Wed, 07/08/2020 - 12:07
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Preparation Matters: How Yes, Inc. is Impacting Students on Day one in the Classroom


We sat down with Jamie Payne, a former Pre-K Teacher at SouthWest Prep Academy, to find out how Yes, inc.'s Educator Effectiveness Process (EEP) has helped teachers become an effective teacher on day one. 

Her experience is a perfect example of how Yes, Inc. is impacting its teachers and supplying them with the knowledge and skills to be and remain effective in the classroom.


"They gear you up to make sure you are an effective teacher day one... It changed my mindset more as far as the cultural responsiveness; Who we are teaching, how to be more effective for your self. To get to know yourself so that you can get to know your students. They talked about equity verses equality. Equality is everybody gets a shoe, and equity is everybody gets a shoe that fits..."


Watch the video below to get insider details about how our process is beneficial to all career and beginner teachers! See why we believe that preparation matters!



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