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Educators are Awesome: Honoring Teacher/Administrator Voices

Every year, we pause and celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week to honor the noble profession which shapes young lives. However, it is important that teachers everywhere know how much they are appreciated each and every day, not just once a year! This year we can say confidently that educators have genuinely given their all.  Extra credit is due this year for teaching despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

Here at YES, Inc., we make it a goal to ensure that educators receive the information and resources that they need to be successful on day 1 of the school year. Our mission states, “...We help educators become more effective”! This year we are making it our objective to make sure we appreciate teachers for a whole month because every educator deserves to know that we exist to support them in the ways that make a difference! For this reason, this blog is dedicated to honoring and valuing teachers' voices! What better way to honor teachers than to not only understand their needs and suggestions but implement them as well. 


Importance of Teacher/Administrator Voices

In a 2016 study, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Virginia discovered that the highest indicating factor for teacher retention is whether or not teachers feel that they are part of a productive and meaningful community — one where their voices are heard, valued and collectively used to inform practices and policies on school campuses. As we begin to acknowledge the expertise and wisdom of teachers, they will become very empowered individuals and have the confidence to influence and dominate in their area.

Imagine what could become possible if there were no boundaries to how we can positively change student lives. Our current education system is so federally and state-mandated that many teacher voices have been devalued and unheard. The numbers prove that teachers feel neglected. Over one million teachers enter and exit the profession every year. The national statistic for burnout is 40-50 percent in the time span of five years. I'm sure we can all agree that it is time to take steps to listen to teacher voices. However, we recognize that anyone speaking truth into any public space requires a level of bravery that not many possess. For this reason, we emphasize that the little steps matter! Using your voice effectively takes time, we know. Being a change agent not only for ourselves but for the collective takes practice. Learning how to powerfully use your voice takes allotting time to realize your truth, identify gaps, and knowing how to vocalize it. However, recognizing your voice is mastered in the baby steps. We are inviting you to exercise your voice to influence our audience. We want you to know and understand that your voice matters!


Share your Voice!

In this blog entry, we want to be intentional about gaining input from our audience about possible future blog topics! Please fill out the form below and let your voice be heard!


This blog series will touch on the importance of honoring teacher voices. Each week we will do our part to make sure that educators feel empowered, honored, and appreciated.

If you found this information interesting or useful, let us know by submitting your feedback! We would love to hear what you have to say about the topics we share and what you would like to hear more. If you would like to subscribe to this blog series, click on the pop-up subscription button below! As we grow, be sure to like and share our blog on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that we can expand our reach and move closer to our mission of equipping educators everywhere!

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