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How to Apply To Teach in One of Our Partner Districts for the ‘20-’21 School Year

YES, Inc. is in the midst of our recruitment efforts for the 2020-2021 school year. Yes, you heard correct. We are only three months into the current school year, and we are recruiting for the next school year already!


Our partner districts are working toward hiring early, so the best and brightest teachers are hired before May. So we kick off our recruitment in October and begin a selection process that allows both the candidates and districts to spend the fall and spring getting to know each other to find the best fit for their district. 

Why Does Teacher Recruitment Matter?

Our partner districts, like many other districts, are not just changing their recruitment to get a body in the classroom. The overall goal of recruitment is to ensure that each student has an effective teacher in the classroom day one of the school year. 


Why? Well, research shows that a student with one ineffective teacher may not catch up to his peers for up to three years, and students with three ineffective teachers in a row rarely catch up at all. The impact of an ineffective teacher is too significant to take recruitment lightly. The quality of a teacher can change the trajectory of a student’s success beyond just the school year. 


How to Apply 

Here is YOUR chance to apply. We invite you to apply to join our effective educator movement!

Our application process is designed to encourage transparency and clear communication to ensure the maximum benefit for both the candidate and the organization.

Each step in the application process is crucial in determining the right fit for you and our districts.


Here are the steps:

STEP 1: Submit!

By October 27th, submit your resume (via Indeed job posting) for the 2020-2021 school year.

If you are applying to multiple cities, you need to apply to each job posting separately. Cities include:

  • San Antonio
  • Corpus Christi
  • Seguin
  • Houston

STEP 2: Qualify!

By October 28th, your resume and application information will be screened to determine if you qualify to attend our Mandatory Information Session on October 28th, 29th, and 30th.

STEP 3: Attend!

If you qualify, you will receive an invitation to what can be the most exhilarating weeks of your career! You will participate in the all-expense-paid training, Fundamental Foundation Session (FFS) 1, on January 27, 2020 - 31, 2020, which will then make you eligible to qualify for Fundamental Foundation Session (FFS) 2 in February.

FFS 1 and 2 are mandatory sessions. If you cannot attend these dates, you will not be considered for the next round.

STEP 4: Interview!

In March 2020, if you qualify past Fundamental Foundation Session 2, you will be invited to interview with YES, Inc. staff members, principals, and other educators.

STEP 5: Join!

Districts will then be making offers for positions to final candidates starting in April.

All new hires for each district must attend the mandatory Intensive Educator Preparation May 26 - June 12, 2020.


Check out our Teacher Recruitment page for more information and learn why you should teach in one of our partner districts! 

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