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Is Teaching Right for You? Top 5 Reasons for Entering the Noble Profession of Teaching.

Are you motivated and thinking about becoming a teacher? You aren’t alone if you are.  Despite the recent resurgence of the Covid 19 –variant that has caused numerous school closures to in-person classes, many institutions of higher learning have noted a recent uptick in the number of new students applying for teacher certificates.  


What seems to be the motivation to become a school teacher?  Is it the thought of having a steady paycheck with good benefits, or is it something else? Many present teachers reveal a number of reasons, both professional and personal, of why they became teachers.  

In a survey conducted by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) among trainees and newly qualified educators, the new teachers give a variety of reasons for why they joined the education workforce.  Over 80% of the respondents said they became teachers because they enjoyed working with children, while 75% said they became teachers because of a desire to make a difference. 

Other top reasons offered for becoming a teacher were: “Variety- every day is different “(57%); “I was inspired by those teachers who taught me” (37%); “I love the subject I teach” (36%); “To have fun! “(32%).

Reasons for becoming a teacher:

  • Enjoy working with and having a positive impact on children;
  • Contributing positively to the community
  • Job satisfaction and security
  • You are able to inspire others with your inner creativity
  • You get to teach

Positive Impact on Children

Teachers love their job will be the most effective and influential in their work and with the effect on their students.  Many teachers also chose their occupation because of a positive effect they experienced while attending school as a youngster.  Almost every person has childhood memories of being impacted, positively or negatively, by one or more of their teachers at one point in their lives.  

Community Impact

Many teachers are drawn into their profession through a sense of civic duty, i.e., they are doing something positive and constructive for the greater good of the community.  Those who are community driven seek not only the betterment of his/her students, but are also driven with the belief that solid education cannot help but impact positively on the community as a whole.

Job Security

Job security may be one of the reasons you chose to become a teacher. While the effects of the covid-19 have had a negative effect on this country’s educational system, technology such as zoom has given teachers job security not available in other fields.

Inspiring Others

As one teacher, Carrie Lam, expressed why she became a teacher; “I get to make a positive impact on young lives”, “I get to inspire others”, “I am able to use my inner creativity to come up with online teaching classroom lessons”, and, “I’m able, in most cases, to provide the right educational guidance that will produce a successful and interested student’.

Ms. Lam also went on to relate one of the most rewarding experiences of being a teacher is when you “see the lightbulb go on in their eyes”, in other words, when the student grasps and understands what he/she is being taught.

Your Reason

Where do you fall among the reasons commonly given for becoming a teacher?  Are you becoming a teacher (or continuing your career) just to earn a paycheck, for job security or for the benefits?  Sure, it’s great to get a nice steady paycheck as a teacher, but the ultimate gratification should be your part in contributing to the successful education of our children, while also contributing positively to impact individuals' lives and the community as a whole.  

The universal demand for teachers, effective teachers, will always be present, pandemic or not.  The importance of educating our children should be of utmost importance to everyone.

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