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What is a Virtual Bitmoji Classroom?

Are you in search of a fun way to add an animated personal touch to your online classroom? If so, have you ever heard of the virtual Bitmoji Classroom? Most people by now have used Bitmoji's in some way to express feelings or send birthday wishes and other types of greetings and messages to family and friends. How about using the same type of Bitmojo’s in your virtual classroom for back to school? If you’ll be starting off the 2020-2021 year virtually, this is a fun and helpful option for you and your students. The interactive elements of Bitmoji will allow students to click through the Bitmoji to see assignments, documents, and websites. With its ability to digitize the classroom, Virtual Bitmoji classrooms are becoming the next best thing for educators. Educators all over are creating Bitmoji’s for their virtual classrooms that will incorporate animated fun for their students, and in turn, students have a more engaging online classroom experience. With Bitmoji you can even organize the images in your online classroom platform so that they hyperlink out to external sources. This blog will define what a virtual Bitmoji classroom is and provide you with some ideas on where you can go to gather ideas for your virtual classroom. Be sure to check out the link below to watch a youtube video that will show you how to set up your very own Bitmoji Classroom for free. 

So, what is a Virtual Bitmoji?

Virtual Bitmoji’s are animated character emojis that you can design and customize to resemble a whimsical version of yourself. Some of the customizable features include picking your hair color, skin tone, facial features, attire, body shape, etc. Then, Bitmoji takes the image of you that was created and makes sticker-like pictures, scenes, and messages usually fun in nature, and allows you to utilize them to express yourself or communicate using these picture images. You can insert them into your online platforms such as email, instant messenger, use them on your smartphone, Facebook, and even your online learning community platform that you may use in your classroom. When you use Bitmoji's for your virtual classroom that is called a virtual Bitmoji Classroom. You can create your own Bitmojo’s using iO or Android applications and also by using your PC and Google Chrome. This means that you can use Bitmojo’s with your Google Classroom and other online learning platforms used for virtual classrooms. To gain the most from Bitmoji in terms of alternatives for making your Bitmoji it is recommended to set up your Bitmoji using iOS or Android. 




Why is Making a Virtual Bitmoji Classroom Useful?  

It will be a challenge for educators to engage young learners when they are distance learning. A virtual Bitmoji classroom is a creative and fun way to combat this challenge. Young learners often need to be entertained to keep their attention. When you create a virtual online classroom environment using Bitmoji you will be able to create a friendly, virtual space for everyone to meet. Bitmoji’s will help you to deliver content that will be exciting and fun for students. The most successful Bitmoji virtual classrooms are those that are organized, educational, and welcoming. You’ll want to think of your virtual classroom as a portal to the content that you want to deliver. Many teachers are making youtube videos for their lessons which is great, but you can also make your virtual space more attractive and engaging by using Bitmoji’s as a gateway to the content and to the video lessons you want them to watch. 


Where can you go to get ideas for your Virtual Bitmoji Classroom?  

If you are looking for some ideas to include in your virtual Bitmoji Classroom take a look at some of the examples online by conducting a basic Google search for information on creating Virtual Bitmoji Classrooms. Instagram also has a variety of posts that can provide you with creative ideas. Facebook also has great private online communities specifically for educators to join and interact with to gain support from each other and share ideas?  “WeAreTeachers Facebook group” and “Teachers Using Tech!” are two examples of groups you can join that could be useful to you as you are working on creating your Virtual Bitmoji Classroom. These sites can also provide you with ongoing opportunities to connect virtually with other educators in the U.S. and around the world.

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