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YES, Inc's 27th Anniversary

For almost three decades, YES, Inc. has made a substantial impact on education.  Many things can happen in our lives in the span of this time, but for YES, Inc., the dedication to helping teachers become more effective for the last 27 years has had an overwhelming positive effect nationwide.  To celebrate its 27-year efforts of helping teachers become more effective, YES, Inc. founder and CEO, Claudette Yarbrough, implemented a daily $1,000 giveaway to show appreciation for the overwhelming support they have received not only from teachers, but also from the community at large.

For 27 days, from January 7 - February 2, 2022 YES, Inc. will give away $1,000 to those lucky winners who take the time to access the YES, Inc. Facebook website, watch a brief video on the agency and then register their name for the drawing through the online application.  It’s as simple as that.  

While the $1,000 daily giveaway is the most recent show of appreciation it is not the only time YES, Inc. has conducted such other similar events to help support the community.  Throughout its 27-year history YES, Inc. and its employees have staged annual school supply giveaways, holiday celebration giveaways and teacher support/supplies giveaways. 

Thousands of teachers have attended and participated in the Agency’s training programs designed to benefit those individuals who are just starting their teaching career or those who wish to re-energize and update their current educational practices.  Ms. Yarbrough, who has been the driving force throughout the agency’s 27 year history, wrote of her spiritual inspiration to plan, create and put into action the mission of YES, Inc. , which is: “We exist so that children have effective educators.  We help educators become more effective.” 


How we got started

Through her own ingenuity and concern to offer students more, Ms. Yarbrough, started YES, Inc., (1995) and not only taught but opened two charter high schools and then formulated and became principal and superintendent of the highly successful Higgs, Carter, King Gifted and Talented Charter Academy in 1998.  

Ms. Yarbrough’s personal persistence and successful efforts with YES, Inc., has resulted in thousands of teachers receiving training through programs endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education.  Through annual training programs located in various cities throughout the nation, YES, Inc. has had a positive effect not only the students and community as well, but also on the teachers who have participated in the agency programs.  Read what some of the teacher participants say about YES, Inc., its training programs and Ms. Yarbrough.


Comments from our participants

Kourtney Young, Pre-K Teacher: “YES has provided me with great opportunities for both personal and professional growth.  I’m thankful for the incredible opportunities I’ve been fortunate to have received along the way.  YES doesn’t focus on getting people to attend their training and forgetting about them, they consistently support and encourage you throughout your journey.”


John Josey, Pre-K Teacher:  ‘YES, Inc., was unbelievable in how helpful they were to me.  They trained me in multiple different facets, each of which was an invaluable resource to help me grow as a teacher.  Thanks to YES, Inc., I now have my dream job, am stable and happy and none of it would have been possible without everything YES, Inc. did for me.’


Shalona Brown, Teacher IDEA Walzen Public Schools:  ‘I am very grateful for YES teaching me the fundamentals to become an effective educator.  I learned through YES how to close the gap through community and the classroom to help scholars’ develop a greater appreciation for their community.  I am grateful and honored to be a part of such an incredible organization; thank you Ms. Yarbrough for your vision of building effective educators.’


Bradley Durham, Teacher Intern:  “YES, Inc. has helped make me more effective…I had the great opportunity to be a part of a Professional Development program during the Intensive Educator Program….To be a prepared educator is to be an Effective Educator.  I’ve learned all of this from YES, Inc. and I can’t wait to see what comes next!


Holly Tealer, Pre-K Teacher, SWP:  “I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl and I reached my goal.  YES, Inc. gave me an opportunity for me to reach my full potential and not only did I get my teacher certification, I got my masters degree in the 

Art of Teaching and became a teacher locally at SW Prep.  I am thankful to God, family and YES, Inc. for this opportunity…”


Ellie Thomas, 5th Grade Teacher, SWP:  “I am thankful for the opportunity to work for the Southwest Preparatory school district because of their involvement with the YES, Inc. team.  If it had not been for the opportunity to gain a master’s degree through attending YES, Inc.’s Fundamental Foundations Sessions, I am not sure where I would be today.  The district and YES, Inc. have fully supported me from my journey as a resident teacher to my newest position of Career Teacher Leader.”


Destiny Gartmond, Teacher Intern:  I am grateful for the opportunity the Educator Effective Process and YES, Inc. has blessed me with to pursue my life’s dreams of becoming an effective educator.  The skills I have obtained from attending the Intensive Education Preparation program have been life-changing.  The hard work, dedication, and time spent in the program getting my 4-year degree and attending the IEPs have been worth it.  God is good, and I am grateful for Ms. Claudette Yarbrough, the EEP program and YES, Inc. . family”


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