The following must be successfully completed to fulfill program requirements and be recommended for a standard certification: (See the program CALENDAR).

New Teacher Candidate Paperwork:                                                                               

  • Receipt of Handbook (signed)                                                                 
  • Receipt of Code of Ethics (signed)
  • Receipt of Program Requirements Checklist (copy)                             
  • Receipt of FERPA (signed) 
  • Course Fee Paid                                                                        

Coursework (270 hours): Candidates must have access to a smart device (phone or tablet) or laptop to use during classes. In order to complete and submit assignments, candidates will also need internet access.                                                                  

  • Orientation & Ethics                                                                       
  • Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities                               
  • Teaching Core Subjects EC-6; Teaching Core Subjects 4-8
  • English as a Second Language
  • Health & Wellness
  • Educator Effectiveness Process

Field-Based Experience  (30 hours)                                      

Prior to Classroom Experience:

  • Internship/Clinical Teaching Fee Paid                                                                                                       
  • Clinical Teaching OR  Internship - Signed Letter of Responsibilities          
  • Clinical Teacher Placement Approved/Internship Hire Paperwork Completed
  • Application for Probationary or Intern Certificate                                
  • Background Check & Fingerprinting Completed                                    
  • Field Supervisor Assigned                                                                        
  • Mentor/Cooperating Teacher Assigned                                              

Classroom Experience (Clinical Teaching OR Internship)  

Candidates are assigned a mentor/cooperating teacher based on the information provided on the EPIC INTERN AND CLINICAL TEACHER PLACEMENT FORM.  (Find out more about The Criteria to serve as a Mentor and Cooperating teacher here.)                                    

Pass Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities TExES

Candidates are encouraged to take the PPR EC-12 exam after successful completion of the PPR course, or earlier if the candidate shows he/she is prepared (by passing a PPR practice test).  Criteria for this exam is met by successfully completing these components of the Orientation course.

  • Identification of Standards Addressed in EPIC training
  • Quiz on Teacher Code of Ethics
  • Components of an Effective Classroom
  • Tools for Health & Wellness for Students and Teachers
  • Technology Plan               

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