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Copy of Copy of  Yes, Inc- Newsletter vol- 18-1

"Celebrating Rebecca Deleon"

(Volume 20)

YES, Inc. is celebrating the accomplishments of Rebecca Deleon as she announces her decision to move on from YES, Inc. after ten years of service to begin a new and exciting endeavor as a Creative and..."

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Copy of  Yes, Inc- Newsletter vol- 18-2

"YES, Inc. Equipped Me With..."

(Volume 19)

YES, Inc. has provided me with all the educational relationships, resources, strategies, and professional developments I needed to be an effective educator.

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_Yes, Inc- Newsletter vol- 17-2

"Substitute Teacher Position"

(Volume 18)

  • Become a Guest Teacher (Substitute) by completing the application below.
  • Qualified applicants will be invited to a screening interview.
  • Successful candidates who are hired will earn $150.00 per day.

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Copy of Yes, Inc- Newsletter vol- 16

"Another Careen Led to My Calling..."

(Volume 17)

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to make a difference, but I was never sure how. I tried to join the Army as a young undergraduate student but was disqualified due to medical issues. Still, something in me pushed me...

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Yes, Inc- Newsletter vol- 16

"The Golden Road to Teaching"

(Volume 16)

The road to teaching has been long! As a little girl, my dream was to become a teacher! However, my life journey has taken me the long way around. After 20 years of marriage, 20 plus combined years...

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Yes Inc- Newsletter vol 15-

"My Journey with YES, Inc."

(Volume 15)

YES, inc. has helped me become extremely intentional within my classroom, it has allowed me to begin to hold myself accountable in life even outside of the 4 walls of our school. I have grown tremendously...

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Yellow and Black Minimalist Salon Flyers-1-1

"My Journey with YES, Inc."

(Volume 14)

My teaching journey started with YES, Inc. when I found out we were having a Summer Intensive internship training program in Orlando, Florida....

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Copy of Copy of Yellow and Black Minimalist Salon Flyers (2)-1

"Becoming an Effective Educator"

(Volume 13)

I’m making an impact in the classroom in many ways. The first way is students’ confidence in their own abilities; many students didn’t know the alphabet to start the year, and now they are writing five sentence...

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"Be in Love With What you Do..." (Volume 12)

I love teaching; it is in my blood. Both my parents are teachers, and I am incapable of not sharing what I know with others, so teaching is a natural fit for me. YES, Inc was unbelievable in how helpful they were to me. They trained me in multiple different facets, each of which was an invaluable resource..

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"YES, Inc. Helped Me Gain Direction..." (Volume 11)

Hello, my name is Shalona Brown. I am from Dothan, AL. In 2009 I received my Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. In 2012, I received my master's degree in Criminal Justice from Troy University. After working in the law field for two years, I changed my career to Counseling...

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"In the Spotlight" (Volume 10)

My name is Bradley Durham, originally from Waco, Texas. I am a first-generation graduate from Prairie View A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Performance and an M. Ed in Educational Administration. I’m currently in an alternative certification program where I was already given my internship/probationary certificate to retrieve my standard certificate by November 2020...

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"Making an Impact" (Volume 9)

My dad is a music teacher, and when my students were really struggling with their emotions — if you think about kids with learning differences, rules shifting is a very scary thing — I invited him to come into our class once a week and it became a thing.

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Copy of  The Golden Newsletter Vol 5-

"Inspiration From Our Community" (Volume 8)

In 2018, I was given an opportunity that I could not pass up. I was struggling to pass my teacher certification and wasn't sure how I was going to overcome my challenge. YES gave me an opportunity for me to reach my full potential, not only did I get my teacher certification...

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Copy of  Newsletter Vol- 3

"Educators Making a Difference" (Volume 7)

The Reason I became a teacher is that I wanted to make a positive impact. I want to inspire children to become more than they ever dreamed. I know I can achieve this by being kind, caring, empathic, passionate and funny. These are great qualities that a teacher should possess...

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The Golden Newsletter Vol 6-  (1)-2

"Whom are you Impacting" (Volume 6)

I have received many compliments from the parents of the students in my classroom about the influence and changes they are seeing in their students. The connections I make with the students reflect in their drive to be successful in the classroom...

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_The Golden Newsletter Vol 5--1

"Destined to Teach" (Volume 5)

Destiny Gartmond moved to San Antonio in 2017, pursuing her degree in nursing. After obtaining a job at Basis San Antonio School, she felt a heavy call upon her life to become a teacher. After much prayer and family talks...

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Golden Newsletter Vol- 4

"Our Educators Making a Difference" (Volume 4)

I am thankful for being alive, being in good health, an increased level of faith and mental health, and being able to help others. I overcame multiple challenging students but building a positive relationship with those students and their families at the beginning...

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"Inspiration From Our Community" (Volume 3)

I am making an impact in the classroom by creating positive relationships with college students and ensuring that all students assigned to my name are taking the correct courses aligned to their specific major...

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The Golden Newsletter Vol 2- -1

"Making a Global Impact" (Volume 2)

Keshawn Thomas- Is now an Advisor for Freshman Services at Spartanburg Methodist College in S. Carolina!

Andrew Coldrick- Is working in Spain! He is teaching English and Cultural Literacy skills! Andrew has been placed in the city of Almeria, in the south of Spain, as an English language instructor/classroom assistant at a local school in the area!...

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"Gone Too Soon but Never Forgotten" (Volume 1)

Dorothy Wendorf, a school leader extraordinaire, died from Covid-19 two weeks after being asked to cover a colleague's classroom. Dorothy truly embodied the servant leadership style of working with new teachers to help them learn how to start in the profession...

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