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The Issue

As we have worked with districts in Texas and Arizona, we have seen the struggle and unfortunate consequences of having an ineffective teacher in the classroom day one of the school year. 

The preparation teachers receive in undergraduate programs and alternative certification programs do not always prepare them for what they will encounter in the classroom. We see more and more teachers leaving the profession within the first 3 years of their career because of the lack of continued support as a novice teacher. 

The Solution

The research behind the success of teacher residency programs has shown progress in solving these issues of preparation and retention. By districts partnering with YES, Inc., Teacher Residents are given the proper preparation and support to ensure their success in the classroom, and, therefore, enriching student achievement. 

The Partnership

YES, Inc. is looking for districts and Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) to partner with for a Teacher Residency grant. This is an opportunity for you to start a Teacher Residency Program in your district or university to ensure you place EFFECTIVE teachers who are well prepared and supported in the classroom. 


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